Portuguese Council of State

The President of the Republic convened the Council of State

Portuguese Council of StateThe President of the Republic chaired the meeting of the Council of State

At the end of the meeting, the following briefing note was released:

“1. The Council of State examined the international political, economic and financial situation and its consequences for Portugal, in the short, medium and long term.

2. The Council of State considered one of the challenges of the next few weeks – the election of the new Secretary-General of the United Nations.

In this context, the Council of State salutes António Guterres and notes with particular satisfaction the convincing results that his candidacy achieved in the first voting cycle held at the United Nations.

His candidacy, which from the outset has enjoyed the committed support of all national bodies and all Portuguese political parties, is, in all respects, an outstanding candidacy.

Outstanding because of the candidate’s merits. António Guterres has the quality, experience, strategic vision, capacity for dialogue and willingness and openness which are so important for success in meeting the demanding challenges that the United Nations faces now and in the future.

Outstanding also because António Guterres has assiduously completed all stages of the process, including the hearings and debates, thus giving credibility to the new procedures established by the Security Council and enhancing the status of the United Nations and the role of the General Assembly.

The next round of voting for the election of the Secretary General of the United Nations is about to begin and the Council of State therefore wishes António Guterres every success, in the belief that his desired election will be a victory for all UN members, for an international order marked by fewer tensions, conflicts and humanitarian crises, more solidly founded on peace and security, the defence of human rights and strengthening the ideal of sustainable development – in short, harmony between nations and peoples.”